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It was just a average day in the forest, sun poking through the small gaps of the trees, and Bird Pokemon soaring above. It was just a peaceful morning, for a snake that is. As a snake, Arbok has to feed off of other prey but he prefers to swallow them whole alive. Most of the times after 1 meal he is full but something strange does happen after this fellow snake devours something. Arbok was strolling along the forest silently, trying his best not to be caught by any Pokemon that may be on high alert. As Arbok was slithering to a bush, he felt something brush up against his tail, once he seen what it was it was just a average grass patch, but Arbok knew it was no ordinary grass patch, as Arbok got the scent from the grass he discovered that a Oddish was buried within the dirt it was hiding in. As Arbok was digging up the hole he knew a Oddish was hiding within the dirt. The Oddish knew a predator has spotted the Oddish and tried to react but was to late once Arbok got a chance to strike with his tail; knocking out the Oddish in the process.

As Arbok slowly scooped up the Oddish within his mouth, he could taste some dirt from the Oddish but other then that the Oddish tasted great. Arbok then gathered the Oddish within its maw until it vanished from the outside world. Arbok then let gravity do its thing as it gulped down the Oddish. A bulge was formed, slowly moving down Arbok's throat and into the middle part of his serpent-like body. Arbok felt as if he was even hungrier but he didn't know what else to eat. As Arbok allowed his digestive system do its thing, he then went to find something that can fill his hungry needs.

Arbok then got a scent he recognized, he could smell a Pikachu not far from where he was. As Arbok followed his scent, he seen a Tail poking out of a bush, as Arbok silently sneaked up on the Pikachu, he then grabbed the chu by its tail with his mouth and stared deep into Pikachus eyes: Intimidating the Pikachu telling it that its life was over from here. As Arbok coiled its self around Pikachu, it then strikes pikachus head with his mouth. As Arbok was licking the chu's face with his tongue, the taste was amazing. As Arbok tried to place the Pikachu's face within his maw, he felt a jolt of electricity in his mouth, paralyzing his jaw and dropping Pikachu from his grip. Arbok:"Awd Ammit". Arbok couldn't speak very well with his jaw paralyzed and it was worst because he was very hungry and he couldn't eat with his paralyzed jaw. Arbok can feel the oddish squirming withing him, only making his fate more inedible.


As Arbok woken from his slumber he could feel his jaw functioning again meaning he can eat. Arbok also noticed that the oddish probably had digested. Arbok then traveled through the forest to find food and got a scent of smell that over whelmed him, the scent was tasty and it smelt fresh as if the scent is a baby pokemon, meaning.. there had to be a daycare nearby as this much scent wouldn't be normal for 1 baby pokemon. Arbok slithered his self over where the tasty scent was leading him. He was right. The scent was coming from the day care, arboks mouth was drooling, imagining so much tasty small pokemon that he can fit within his maw, Arbok knew that the trainers would be watching so he kept low so that they weren't looking, Arbok also was keeping his eye on that delicious looking Magby that was in the trainers arms. Arbok's stomach was growling as if its stomach was speaking to Arbok telling it to eat, Arbok had a good idea to lead the Magby where the Arbok was, it was risky but it may work seeing that Baby Pokemon are easily gullible. Arbok left part of his tail hanging out of the bush, wiggling it to attract the Magby, As the trainer let Magby go out of his arms the magby then noticed the Strange purple thing hanging out of the bush. The trainer was not paying no attention to the poor victim that is about to be in Arboks stomach.

As the Magby poked the unknown purple thing, it then wrapped around the Magbys torso. Arbok was drooling as the Magbys scent smelt fresh, new.. and Tasty.. Arbok got magby close to his face but magby didn't know what was to come of the poor young pokemon. As Arbok widened his jaw; Magbys eyes grew, knowing he was a meal to the Arbok. Arbok then stuffed Magbys within his maw, but having such a small body he was easy to gulp down, as Arbok could feel the Magbys heartbeat on top of his tongue he knew he was scaring the young pokemon, which is what he wanted. Arbok enjoys inserting fear into his prey and finding their weaknesses. As Arbok finally got Magbys entire body fit inside his maw he then Lifted his head and let gravity have magby slowly go down Arboks throat. The throat space wasn't big enough for such a small pokemon like Magby so therefore he slowly came down the throat, But a big bulge can clearly be seen from outside Arboks throat, slowly going down into the stumach, as Magbys head poked inside the stomachs chamber he was breaking into tears but his fate was inedible just like Arboks last victim, his prey had no chance of fighting back nor knew what was to come. As Magby landed inside Arboks stomach, he then licked his lips, getting that delicious flavor from his lips that he couldn't describe, Magby wasn't to spicy nor was he to sweet he was between those two. Arbok then looked at the big bulge that was on his serpent like body, being proud of what he caught. As the Magby struggled inside Arbok's belly it felt like a massage.

Arbok knew that digesting Magby will take a day so he went into hiding where he wouldn't be caught by anyone that were suspicious of Arbok. Arbok went to rest under a tree where a small passage was visible by some pokemon but most pokemon would try to be careful and check what's under there.
While on a island far away from the Unova region. As a victini is running away from mandibuzz and bravairy victini is still searching for a safe area to hide but these bird pokemon are good at finding their target and the poacher can easily corner victini. As victini accidently hit its head on the branch while turning its head, victini fell down into a bush and hid there until the poacher went away. As victini was severely injured by crashing into a hard branch, victini was unable to fly as it was weaken from the landing. As victini almost fainted a Serperior came as it seen victini unconscious on the ground. Serperior: awe poor thing you cant be left here or else other predators might find you.. As serperior wasent interested in eating other pokemon whole, serperior carefully picked up victini with her tail and carefully set his head in serperiors mouth. Serperior: you will be safe inside me. as serperior stuff victinis whole body carefully in her mouth she then lifted her head and gulped victini until victini landed in serperiors stomach. Victini: why.. are you helping me.. Serperior: I cant let you be left alone all by your self when your badly injured,  When Im done sleeping I will send you to a nice trainer, hes really nice and i'm sure he will love to see you. Victini: really?... Serperior: I promise nothing bad will happen to you little one.

As the poacher went to the branch where victini landed all he seen was a serperior. Dangit Where could that victini be!

Serperior: heh foolish human you will never find victini as long as hes safe with me as serperior whispered to her self. I hope your all right in there little one?

Victini: its warm in here thank you..
Any Ideas anyone?

I haven't been on in a while but that's only because I had no inspiration. So... please leave any ideas I will gladly read them but I wont guarantee to use the idea. "And that is a promise".


United States

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