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Any Ideas anyone?

I haven't been on in a while but that's only because I had no inspiration. So... please leave any ideas I will gladly read them but I wont guarantee to use the idea. "And that is a promise".
Gonna be deleting halve of my storys/posts on this profile mainly because of room or mostly because of the thing being "Stupid". No one told me to do this I looked back at halve of my storys and thought they were bad.
This Contains Vore (Look up Vore If you do not know what It means). If you dont like vore then Dont read.

Its been 3 days sense Dragonite had good sized prey to fill his hunger. All he had to eat were water pokemon such as Seaking or good sized Magikarp. Dragonite Soared through the Gentle and calm sky. As Dragonite was flying he could feel the cold breeze go against his head and arms. When spotted a ocean he knew it was a great choice to dive in the water and see what pokemon are in the Ocean. as Dragonite looked he couldn't find a single pokemon to devour or to fill his hunger. As Dragonite came out of the surface of the ocean he sored trhough the sky at a intense speed by using extreme speed with water drops flying everywhere. As Dragonite spotted something orange swimming in the transparent ocean, Dragonite dived right back into the ocean, as Dragonite got lucky it was a Floatzel, Dragonite knew that Floatzels arn't commonly eaten so he wanted to know why so he will finally have his first Floatzel to devour. as Dragonite swam to the Floatzel the Floatzel seen the Dragonite behind him and tried to swim as fast as he could but unfortunately the dragonite grabbed hold of Floatzels waist. then dragonite Flew high in the sky with floatzel upside down with dragonite holding his waist. As Dragonites mouth inched toward Floatzels tail he could already taste Floatzels unique flavor. As Dragonite lifted his head and inserted Floatzels tails in his mouth floatzel started to struggle. Dragonite then grabbed hold of Floatzels head and tried shoving floatzels bum in his mouth (No porn intended). Floatzel then stop struggling with his feet sense its hard for him to struggle now. Dragonite then shoved Floatzel in Dragonite in his mouth but as he did he could feel Floatzels two tails tickling the inside of his throat. Dragonite then had floatzels two legs in his maw. Floatzel had the uncomfortable feeling with Dragonites hot tongue in the crouch area, its hard for dragonite to eat floatzel with the yellow float sacks surrounding the back of the floatzel. and dragonite shoved in floatzel in his mouth he could feel saliva tickling down his waist, Dragonite then push floatzel in his gullet by pushing on his head but as floatzels waist disipearing in the dragonites mouth, Dragonite then took his first gulp slowly sending floatzels other halve of his body in dragonites throat but as he did Floatzel squirmed to get free but only made him go down dragonites throat faster, Floatzel could feel Dragonites Saliva Tickling down his arms as they were tucked in Dragonites Maw. Dragonite took another gulp sense Floatzel is hard to swallow because of the Yellow float sack. Dragonite then had floatzel go down his throat, when floatzels head was the only thing out side of dragonites mouth Dragonite then licked Floatzels head leaving a trail of saliva where his hot tongue was. Dragonite then did another gulp making a Big Bulge in Dragonites Throat and the Bulge slowley going down Dragonites Throat. As Floatzel landed in a Hot chamber of acid, floatzel could feel the stumach acid eating at his skin and his Float sack. as Dragonite Rubbed his Full belly wich is now full of food he then layed at a near by beach and slept on the sand.


You can Comment. Hate,Like or Leave Suggestions or Mistakes I did in this story and I may fix that mistake and learn from it because its hard for me to write a Decently good story when The schools I had skipped lessons or things I need to learn so spotting out mistakes Be nice!

On a Calm night sky as a serpent like pokemon named Rayquaza flying in the sky looking for food he had no luck. Rayquaza searched and searched, yet no prey to be found that would fit his appetite. As Rayquaza noticed he sensed a presence under him. As Rayquaza moved he saw Giratina try to pick a fight as he randomly came through the earths surface. Rayquaza didn't have time to pick fights, he wanted to find food now but that ain't gonna happen. Giratina: Come here you coward! As Rayquaza turned around he hit giratina with a unsuspecting Dragon pulse causing Hiratina to lose balance. As rayquazas stomach growled he had a idea, Rayquaza had the weirdest idea he has ever thought of and if he pulls it off he may be happy with him self. As Rayquaza hit Giratinas side with a dragon tail, he was sent flying to the ground causing a commotion as he hit the hard ground. Rayquaza: Hey Giratina Time for your new home!

Giratina: What you talking about ._. As Rayquaza opened his mouth wide he coiled Giratinas waist so he couldn't move and sense a ghost type like Giratina can easily escape Rayquaza used mean look so he cant get out of his coils. This may be the first time you will be eaten my friend as Rayquaza said. As Rayquaza slowly surrounded his mouth around Giratinas head he started licking Giratinas face and once he did Giratinas taste was marvelous, when Rayquaza had Giratinas head in Rayquazas mouth, he started to slowly get his neck in his mouth as as he did he slowly moved down. Giratina: Rayquaza please don't eat me man i will do anything just stop! as Giratinas head was in Rayquaza throat it he can feel the surroundings get tighter as he slowly went down Rayquaza's throat. Rayquaza: I wish you weren't so hard to eat! As Rayquaza feels Giratinas head enter the stumach he tried to quickly get this over with so he tried getting his chest in his mouth. Rayquaza Finnaly got Giratinas chest in his mouth but there was one problem. His legs. As rayquaza slowley curved he then tried finishing the job by moving down again while having his chest in his mouth.

Giratina: Rayquaza can you please let me out after you eat me ;~; Rayquaza: I will think about it. As rayquazas bottom jaw reached the legs he then lifted his head and his chest was slowley going down his throat and his front legs were in his mouth. Rayquaza: your absolutely Delicious <3. As rayquaza Took his first gulp halve of his body went down Rayquazas throat faster and the only thing that is comoing out of rayquazasmouth is his back legs. As rayquaza took another gulp he could feel his belly slowley getting bigger as the Giratina was swallowed whole. As Rayquaza sighed he layed on the surface of the earth seeing his own giant bloated belly. Rayquaza: So how is it like in your new home now! HUH!
Giratina; Its not comfortable at all.... Well then get ready to get Digested! as rayquaza said in a serious tone. As Rayquaza let out his digestive acids giratina knew what was coming. As rayquaza felt giratina struggle in his stumach he closed his eyes and slept.
You can hate/comment or give me a opinion how good or bad this was.


United States

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