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While on a island far away from the Unova region. As a victini is running away from mandibuzz and bravairy victini is still searching for a safe area to hide but these bird pokemon are good at finding their target and the poacher can easily corner victini. As victini accidently hit its head on the branch while turning its head, victini fell down into a bush and hid there until the poacher went away. As victini was severely injured by crashing into a hard branch, victini was unable to fly as it was weaken from the landing. As victini almost fainted a Serperior came as it seen victini unconscious on the ground. Serperior: awe poor thing you cant be left here or else other predators might find you.. As serperior wasent interested in eating other pokemon whole, serperior carefully picked up victini with her tail and carefully set his head in serperiors mouth. Serperior: you will be safe inside me. as serperior stuff victinis whole body carefully in her mouth she then lifted her head and gulped victini until victini landed in serperiors stomach. Victini: why.. are you helping me.. Serperior: I cant let you be left alone all by your self when your badly injured,  When Im done sleeping I will send you to a nice trainer, hes really nice and i'm sure he will love to see you. Victini: really?... Serperior: I promise nothing bad will happen to you little one.

As the poacher went to the branch where victini landed all he seen was a serperior. Dangit Where could that victini be!

Serperior: heh foolish human you will never find victini as long as hes safe with me as serperior whispered to her self. I hope your all right in there little one?

Victini: its warm in here thank you..
Any Ideas anyone?

I haven't been on in a while but that's only because I had no inspiration. So... please leave any ideas I will gladly read them but I wont guarantee to use the idea. "And that is a promise".
Gonna be deleting halve of my storys/posts on this profile mainly because of room or mostly because of the thing being "Stupid". No one told me to do this I looked back at halve of my storys and thought they were bad.


United States

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